• 1,700 attendees with 90% visiting the exhibit hall
  • AIE Challenge game for all exhibitors
  • Multiple designated exhibit hall time for attendees
  • Connect with district personnel, administrators, teachers, and more

Featured Exhibitors

Math GPS creates math curriculum support materials for grades 2-8, and Algebra I. Our products are created exclusively for Texas, and expose students to rigorous activities and problem-solving.


OnDataSuite is a full featured, web based district data warehouse. OnDataSuite puts information back into the hands of the decision makers. All in a simple "clickable" format.


Sirius is a Texas-based educational publisher that provides innovative and effective STAAR test prep resources for Grades 6-8 and EOC courses.


Spirit Sticks are the latest school craze and educators love them! Small embroidered patches students earn, collect, and display on a backpack. Spirit Monkey is the ONLY place to get Spirit Sticks. US Patent No. 9,196,174


Tools and resources for engaging fathers and families including: event kits, event facilitation, training, and consultation.


Triumph Learning is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K-12 resources and TEKS-aligned instructional materials. Triumph Learning offers unique student solutions and robust teacher support with print and digital products such as Coach, Buckle Down and Texas Coach Digital.


General Exhibitors

It's overwhelming for teachers and administrators to get daily and weekly data easily, timely, and economically. ALL In Learning empowers teachers and administrators to obtain daily data quickly and easily. Teachers can intervene in the moment and progress monitor students with ease.


DMAC Solutions offers web-based software to efficiently enhance the quality of education provided to students. Schools select from a suite of applications to assist with: STAAR data analysis and reporting, local assessments, student achievement, progress monitoring (RTI, PGP), credit acquisition, campus/district improvement plans, appraisals, generating custom online forms, and more.


Student and teacher favorites include comprehensive eligible TEKS programs for secondary math, science, and social studies plus student course notes for all core subjects, card decks, and centers.


EL Saber Enterprises provides professional learning to schools and districts by empowering instructors to understand the academic and linguistic levels of students and use this knowledge, as in conjunction with the strategies and resources we provide, to instruct effectively and efficiently.


Frog Publications is a publisher of supplemental elementary educational materials. They are skill-based instructional and intervention materials for reading/language arts, math, critical thinking, dual language and more. Some of our products include Drops in the Bucket teacher resource books, Frog Family Fun-Packs and Frog Super Learning Center Games!


Quality non-porous dry erase boards that will not stain. Printed boards for math, science, language arts, music and more! Crush-proof markers and student erasers too!


Mastery Education, the creators of Measuring Up, is dedicated to providing rigorous, TEKS-based supplemental instruction to support Texas educators and students as they prepare for the STAAR.


Mentoring Minds is a national K-12 publisher with a mission to put critical thinking at the center of the classroom. Their research-based resources are designed to be flexible for classroom needs, supporting technology integration and standards mastery for Math, ELA, and Science.


NWEA provides valid and reliable computer adaptive assessments for universal screening, measuring academic growth, informing instruction, tracking college readiness, program evaluation and predicting performance on the STAAR.


RALLY! Education provides the very best print and online instructional and assessment materials written specifically for the TEKS and STAAR - from ongoing formative assessments, TEKS-specific integrated reading and math instruction to STAAR Rehearsal. We are all about student success!


Velazquez Press provides STAAR testing accommodations for students and Academic Language Development Tools available in 100 languages.