• 1,700 attendees with 90% visiting the exhibit hall
  • AIE Challenge game for all exhibitors
  • Multiple designated exhibit hall time for attendees
  • Connect with district personnel, administrators, teachers, and more

Featured Exhibitors

Math GPS creates math curriculum support materials for grades 2-8, and Algebra I. Our products are created exclusively for Texas, and expose students to rigorous activities and problem-solving.


Booth: 31 and 32

OnDataSuite is a full featured, web based district data warehouse. OnDataSuite puts information back into the hands of the decision makers. All in a simple "clickable" format.


Booth: 41

RoboKind is a learning company who has developed two products, Robots4Autism -the most advanced, facially expressive humanoid robot, Milo and a comprehensive curriculum effectively teaching social, emotional, communicative and behavior skills for ASD Learners and Robots4STEM – the next-generation visual programming combining block programming, an avatar, and “the” robot, to engage and empower students to learn coding and programming.


Booth: Sponsor

Sirius is a Texas-based educational publisher that provides innovative and effective STAAR test prep resources for Grades 6-8 and EOC courses.


Booth: 1

Spirit Sticks are the latest school craze and educators love them! Small embroidered patches students earn, collect, and display on a backpack. Spirit Monkey is the ONLY place to get Spirit Sticks. US Patent No. 9,196,174


Booth: 34

Triumph Learning is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K-12 resources and TEKS-aligned instructional materials. Triumph Learning offers unique student solutions and robust teacher support with print and digital products such as Coach, Buckle Down and Texas Coach Digital.


Booth: 8

General Exhibitors

TEKS Mastery Cards- visual display cards to support Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.


Booth: 12

We work to improve the academic outcomes of ALL students through response to intervention programs- helping grow and improve students academically, professional development and school support solutions to improve the work of teachers on campus, and student enrichment programs to develop students socially and academically outside of the classroom.


Booth: 33

It's overwhelming for teachers and administrators to get daily and weekly data easily, timely, and economically. ALL In Learning empowers teachers and administrators to obtain daily data quickly and easily. Teachers can intervene in the moment and progress monitor students with ease.


Booth: 21

Bookshare is the world's largest online library of accessible ebooks for people with print disabilities including dyslexia and visual or physical impairments. With 550,000+ titles, Bookshare can be accessed on a variety of devices and is free for all qualified students. Training and support are free for educators in Texas.


Booth: 35

DMAC Solutions offers web-based software to efficiently enhance the quality of education provided to students. Schools select from a suite of applications to assist with: STAAR data analysis and reporting, local assessments, student achievement, progress monitoring (RTI, PGP), credit acquisition, campus/district improvement plans, appraisals, generating custom online forms, and more.


Booth: 10 and 11

Student and teacher favorites include comprehensive eligible TEKS programs for secondary math, science, and social studies plus student course notes for all core subjects, card decks, and centers.


Booth: 30

EL Saber Enterprises provides professional learning to schools and districts by empowering instructors to understand the academic and linguistic levels of students and use this knowledge, as in conjunction with the strategies and resources we provide, to instruct effectively and efficiently.


Booth: 13

ERG offers products that identify academic and financial best practices using value-added measurements for school leaders. ERG's tools make performance analysis easier, faster, and more comprehensive across every level of your District - from the Board to each student.


Booth: 44

ETA hand2mind offers proven hands-on solutions for grades PreK-8, with educational and supplemental materials for math, science, literacy, and STEM. This timeless approach to instruction complements any method of teaching, fitting seamlessly into any curriculum. In addition, save time and money with our custom solutions designed for your specific needs.


Booth: 28

Materials, professional development, and customized common assessments helping prepare students for STAAR. We help Elementary and Middle Schools across the state raise scores in Reading, Writing, Science, Math, and Social Studies. We offer standard test prep and targeted marterials that no other company has (2nd-5th in English/Spanish 6th-8th English).


Booth: 15 and 16

Formative Loop Math helps students master foundational skills. It's pencil/paper, ideal for these skills. Teachers use the website to track progress and print daily practices for their class. These 5-minute exercises are a combination of facts and foundational skills. We’ve shown dramatic results in STARR and overall mathematical capabilities.


Booth: 27

Frog Publications is a publisher of supplemental elementary educational materials. They are skill-based instructional and intervention materials for reading/language arts, math, critical thinking, dual language and more. Some of our products include Drops in the Bucket teacher resource books, Frog Family Fun-Packs and Frog Super Learning Center Games!


Booth: 26

Imagine Learning, Think Through Math now Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts formerly Big Brainz, Imagine Espanol.


Booth: 5

The Institute for Public School Initiatives at the University of Texas at Austin is a professional learning organization that invests in and builds capacity in people and whose goal is to impact student learning through educator development.


Booth: 9

Intervene equips districts, schools, teachers, and interventionists with tools to efficiently use data to identify student gaps and drive instruction. Tools include (1) diagnostics with intelligent answer keys to uncover student points of error (2) STAAR/TEKS benchmark testing with data/analytics and auto student segmentation (3) Live interventions and tutorials.


Booth: 7

Fun and trendy Jewelry! Come visit our interactive jewelry booth, features snap jewelry and living lockets. And now with the ever popular essential oil jewelry and car diffusers. Great gifts for yourself as well as others! Please stop by!

Booth: 36

Inspirational, motivational and fashion jewelry.

Booth: 2

Quality non-porous dry erase boards that will not stain. Printed boards for math, science, language arts, music and more! Crush-proof markers and student erasers too!


Booth: 40

Lamar University Online offers graduate online education programs ranked by national publications like U.S. News and World Report. Educators may choose from a variety of Master of Education programs such as Educational Administration, Teacher Leadership, Special Education, and more.


Booth: 17

Lexia Learning is committed to helping all students become proficient readers and confident learners. Lexia empowers the literacy educators who are essential to student success with research-driven adaptive assessment and personalized instruction.


Booth: 4

Mastery Education, the creators of Measuring Up, is dedicated to providing rigorous, TEKS-based supplemental instruction to support Texas educators and students as they prepare for the STAAR.


Booth: 18 and 19

100% biodegradable jewelry cleaner safe for fine and custome jewelry.


Booth: 38

Mentoring Minds is a national K-12 publisher with a mission to put critical thinking at the center of the classroom. Their research-based resources are designed to be flexible for classroom needs, supporting technology integration and standards mastery for Math, ELA, and Science.


Booth: 23 and 24

National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, is a leading educational publisher of PreK–12 School and English Language Teaching. At National Geographic Learning, we believe that an engaged and motivated learner will be a successful one, and we design our materials with a highly interactive storytelling approach.


Booth: 14

NWEA provides valid and reliable computer adaptive assessments for universal screening, measuring academic growth, informing instruction, tracking college readiness, program evaluation and predicting performance on the STAAR.


Booth: 39

Reading and writing education consultants. We provide staff development designed for your campus needs, as well as, in the areas of Gifted and Talented, Classroom Management, and Critical Thinking. Products include:

  • Elementary: Winning Writers' Workbook
  • Secondary: Champion Writers' Workbook
  • Elementary and Secondary Reading Toolkits


Booth: 42

QBS Inc., a leading national consulting and behavioral training company, offers Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training. Safety-Care is founded upon principles and procedure of Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavioral Supports, training staff in evidence-based practices toward the prevention, minimization, and management of behavioral challenges.


Booth: 29

RALLY! Education provides the very best print and online instructional and assessment materials written specifically for the TEKS and STAAR - from ongoing formative assessments, TEKS-specific integrated reading and math instruction to STAAR Rehearsal. We are all about student success!


Booth: 20

Renaissance® is the leader in K-12 learning analytics—enabling teachers, curriculum creators, and educators to drive phenomenal student growth. Renaissance’s solutions help educators analyze, customize, and plan personalized learning paths for students, allowing time for what matters—creating energizing learning experiences in the classroom.


Booth: 25

Squirrels LLC makes wireless screen-sharing and device-monitoring software used in over 100,000 classrooms. Our solutions range from cost-effective mirroring apps to advanced classroom operations software. Use our technology to wirelessly view, manage and display classroom iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices, Surface Pros, Macs and Windows devices. No extra hardware required.


Booth: 22

Custom mobile school apps and parent engagement tools.


Booth: 3

Texas GEAR UP is a federally-funded grant in partnership with the Texas Education Agency that is focused on building a college-going culture for all Texans. We offer FREE and easy-to-use college-prep tools for educators, students, and their families.


Booth: 37

Velazquez Press provides STAAR testing accommodations for students and Academic Language Development Tools available in 100 languages.


Booth: 6

Learn how you can TEACH IN CHINA for TWO WEEKS IN JULY, 2018 for a real life, CULTURAL and EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE. Enjoy the daily life of the Chinese in a safe and trusted program. Lesson plans provided. Open to all educators. Some expense required. Visit weteachinchina.com. To apply call 636-328-2318.


Booth: 43