Olivia Amador is a Professional Learning Consultant with Corwin. As an award-winning elementary school principal, former bilingual teacher, and reading and language arts specialist, her area of focus and expertise is in creating a culture of learning connected to high-impact practices, English language development, teacher collaboration, and leadership development.

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Visible Learning for English Language Learners

The focus in this session will be on leveraging the Visible Learning research to strengthen instruction and outcomes for our English Language Learners (ELL). Participants will join the conversation about what works best from the research, and also interact with colleagues and the presenter about the importance of the timing of evidence-based practices to benefit ELL.

Visible Learning for Literacy and Mathematics

These effects of the teacher will be coupled with the 7 principles of culturally responsive teaching to result in lively discussions about the equity imperative. Videos and artifacts illustrating student voice and collegial discussions will provide opportunities for interaction and engagement on this important topic.

Visible Learning for Leaders

The focus in this interactive session will be to establish a foundation in Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning research from the leaders’ perspective and to explore major themes contained within. Participants will explore the characteristics that make a Visible Learner, and the role leaders play in creating schools where students own their learning.