Brandy Gratten

Brandy Gratten is a public school administrator, former coach, veteran educator and speaker. Currently, she serves as an administrator at a young men's leadership academy in an urban community. Brandy focuses on methods that positively influence campus culture. She is joyously passionate about empowering students, staff, and communities in disrupting negative stereotypes often surrounding urban schools.

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Bridging Our Gaps-Rethinking Discipline in Urban Schools

Many urban campuses confront the difficulty of addressing student discipline issues. In this session, Administrator Brandy Gratten will share her insights on how she led her team in disrupting ineffective traditional discipline cycles. Her experience in an urban campus serving primarily males of color will engage your mind and heart. In this interactive session, you will walk away with renewed passion for service, tangible "do tomorrow" techniques, and an inspiration that will empower you to positively transform your own practices with the goal of impacting those you serve for the better.