Kyle Krueger is the Operations Director of Lighthouse Educator Development and cohost of The LED Project Podcast. Kyle moved into the role of Operations Director full time this past summer where he runs The Lighthouse Educator Academy with Wilkie Law. Kyle lives in Northwest Wisconsin after teaching history and geography in Houston for seven years so he can spend time with his two young nephews.

Wilkie V. Law III is the executive director of Lighthouse Educator Development and a cohost of The LED Project Podcast. Wilkie has 12 years of experience in math classrooms and as a math coach in Aldine ISD of Houston in both middle and high school. He is currently in the Doctoral Program in Education at Concordia University of Portland.

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Podcasts as Projects

During this session you will learn the steps to creating podcasts in the classroom and it is much easier than it may seem! Kyle will walk you through the steps of recording, editing (which may not be needed), and posting podcasts online. During the session you'll be asked to do some recording of your own which can be done on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Podcasts are a great medium for students to express themselves while learning real world skills. And you can grade their work on your own time! You may also find that you can record a full lesson as a podcast. When you leave this session you will have the required knowledge to use podcasts in your classes.

Experiences That Build Leadership

In this session you'll hear the story of how a 6th grade drop-out who was once called "Mr. Do Nothing" has become a powerful educator in Houston with a Masters in Educational Leadership who has spent time as an Inclusion Teacher, Middle School Math Teacher, and Math Instructional Coach. In this session you'll hear the uncommon path that Wilkie took to not just be a successful math teacher, but a teacher leader who inspires those around him!

Addressing the Teacher Shortage: What can be done?

This session will recorded and aired on the LED Project Podcast. We will review recent data related to the National Teacher Shortage, highlighting the primary factors responsible for the Teacher Shortage. After identifying the factors that are influencing the teacher shortage, we will discuss ideas /strategies to consider in addressing the teacher shortage.