Cathy Lassiter, Ed.D. is an education consultant with over 30 years of experience as a public school teacher, principal, central office administrator, and consultant. She supports large and small districts in the areas of leadership development, school culture, principal and teacher evaluation, collaboration, instruction, assessment and closing achievement gaps.

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Visible Learning for Equity, Excellence and Inclusion

Participants in this session will discuss and apply the Visible Learning research to creating schools and classrooms that are firmly guided by an agenda of equity, excellence and inclusion of all students. Major topics from the research will include impact teacher credibility, teacher-student relationships, teacher expectations and teacher clarity.

Visible Learning for Literacy and Mathematics

These effects of the teacher will be coupled with the 7 principles of culturally responsive teaching to result in lively discussions about the equity imperative. Videos and artifacts illustrating student voice and collegial discussions will provide opportunities for interaction and engagement on this important topic.

Visible Learning for Leaders

The focus in this interactive session will be to establish a foundation in Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning research from the leaders’ perspective and to explore major themes contained within. Participants will explore the characteristics that make a Visible Learner, and the role leaders play in creating schools where students own their learning.