Kim Towe

Kim Towe brings over 30 years’ experience as a teacher, district administrator, curriculum planner, professional developer, and adjunct professor to her current role as National Training and Development Specialist at Scholastic Education. Kim’s work in literacy instruction focuses on a comprehensive, balanced literacy approach. She is passionate about building teacher capacity and providing students with learning environments that are authentic and engaging and nurture their success as independent readers and writers. In her current role at Scholastic Education, Kim provides professional development and consulting services to school districts across the United States.

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Lead the Development of Striving Readers into Thriving Readers with a Growth Mindset Approach!

Many students encounter positive experiences with reading, and thrive as readers, while for other students, positive experiences with reading are practically nonexistent. We often use a fixed mindset approach and label these students as “struggling readers." Actually, we should “table" that label and use a growth mindset approach to see them as “striving readers" who can be nurtured and cultivated and develop as “thriving readers".